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The New Talent Academy, Real Life Learning is an alternative young persons and adult education, training and pre-employment vocational center, providing accredited creative, digital and media courses followed by training at Unity Radio, The Real Sound Of The City.

Based in HOST, Media City – Unity Radio`s, New Talent Academy provides the following NCFE accredited Digital Media Course for learners across Greater Manchester:

-TV and Film Course

-Radio Production Course

-Music Production Course

Who can apply?

If you are resident in Greater Manchester and interested in one of the above courses please contact us

What are the benefits of Creative Media Courses?

Learners are exposed to exciting music and creative and digital culture, teaching them about the history of Radio, its role in society, and how to develop and use it effectively.

Learners can interact with industry professionals and locally known artists who can provide unique insights into what it means to be successful and offer invaluable advice on progressing their personal development.

Through attending these courses, learners gain a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves, providing a positive environment that many may not have access to otherwise.

The face-to-face contact provides an unparalleled learning opportunity which cannot be replicated online.

All courses are taught by experienced facilitators with first-hand industry experience; this allows learners to understand what is required of them if they wish to make a career in the sector.

Examples such as previous Unity Radio presenters now working with the BBC demonstrate that progression within the industry is possible; this promotes motivation among learners as they can see a tangible future ahead if they apply themselves accordingly.

What you will learn?

Knowledge, skills and experience:

  • Leadership
  • Critical Analysis
  • Research & Data Analysis
  • Digital Technology
  • Literacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation
  • Speaking & listening
  • Technical skills
  • Flexible
  • Self-aware
  • Resilience
  • Collaborative
  • Adaptable
  • Respect
  • Accountability

Why is the New Talent Academy different?

I have just returned from my latest visit to the Talent Academy with my Work Coaches and would like to take a minute to commend the outstanding work being accomplished at the Academy. My Work Coaches and I had the privilege of being interviewed live on air by the very students that have just finished the course and are now presenting their very own Radio show. The feedback from this group of students was amazing and to hear their stories first hand really did showcase the benefits of the course. The way these youngsters were able to communicate with us really did highlight the transferable skills they are being taught will help them well beyond Media and help them in whatever career path they choose to take. I also took a little time to speak to your team whilst I was there and have to say that their enthusiasm and passion for what they do really shone through. They genuinely care about the youngsters they are working with and have a real want for them to succeed. Couple this with the fact that they are working in the industry themselves and have a wealth of knowledge to share as well as being media personalities themselves is invaluable, especially when getting the youngsters to participate in the course itself.

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From the very outset when you first presented this project to me I have been very excited to be a part of it as It is such a unique opportunity and one that I believe will be very beneficial to those involved. The offer itself is amazing, working with our service users who are furthest away from the job market and instilling them with confidence and self-belief. The fact that these youngsters are then learning on site directly next to an active broadcasting studio is phenomenal. Whilst being based in Media City allows the students to tap into other resources and industry partners which is within itself an opportunity that cannot be easily replicated and has the potential to open up further doors to those participating. This course addresses a real gap in the market as far as Creative Media and digital provision is hard to come by and in the current climate is a massive part of the job market.

Thank you for all the hard work you and your team have dedicated to this project and thank you for allowing me to be part of the journey.

Best regards.

Job Centre Manager and Team Leader

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