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Unity Radio´s Team building Workshop

Unity Radio presents Presenting Under Pressure Team building Workshop!

Are you looking to improve communication, build resilience and enhance the leadership skills in your team?
Unity Radio is challenging groups of up to six from businesses across Greater Manchester to test if they can “Present Under Pressure” in a team building workshop.

Led by our experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled presenters, Presenting Under Pressure offers a unique, engaging and enjoyable challenge for your team.

Where else could you have the opportunity to design, develop and broadcast your very own live FM ´Take-Over´radio show.

Our Team Building & Leadership Development Workshops includes:

This innovative team building workshop involves participants within a short time; researching a range of features to discuss live on radio, learning new presenting skills and operating a radio desk whilst being listened to across Greater Manchester to appx 30,000 weekly listeners on 92.8FM Unity Radio, DAB, online and via our Android and Apple apps.

What can you expect to learn:

Your team can expect to learn the following:

  • Communicating Under Pressure – How to remain calm under pressure
  • Presentation Skills Training – How to operate a professional radio desk whilst presenting
  • Confidence Building  – What makes a good presenter and analyzing different styles
  • What and how to make an exciting feature for a target audience
  • How to Create of a live FM radio
  • Present Under Pressure and create your own radio show – Workshop Details

Location and Arrival Details:

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The vast majority of professionals have taken part in a team-building exercise of some kind at some point in their career. I can recall building a raft, navigating a co-ordinated escape from a horror-themed room, and walking the length of Hadrian’s wall. All good experiences in their own way, and all harnessing the valuable power of ‘one team’.

Recently Unity Radio offered me and some colleagues from Sharp UK the opportunity to take part in a team-building exercise with a difference – the chance to host our own live radio show on Unity Radio.

Entitled ‘Pitching Under Pressure’, we were promised that the experience would help participants by improving confidence, engaging an audience and making an impact. All valuable skills for our people across many teams, and so we jumped at the chance to take part.

For most normal people, live broadcast is a truly terrifying prospect. Live, on the radio? No room for error. What if I stutter, or forget what I wanted to say? What if what I’m saying is just not interesting? All very real fears for any inexperienced broadcaster (and some experienced ones), but the truth is, those fears are exactly what made this exercise such a valuable one for our team.

It would be wrong of me to ruin any potential surprises, and so I won’t talk about the structure in too much detail. However, I will say that we were given an expert workshop on how live radio works, and a detailed background for Unity Radio – including the history of the station, and how they do incredible work in the local community by inspiring and empowering young people to dream big.

We were then tasked with planning the various topics for the live 60-minute radio show. Naturally we chose areas that were relevant to our business, but that would also be engaging for the average Unity Radio listener.

Observing my colleagues, it was clear to see that there were some serious nerves before we went live. Lots of pensive looks, and long periods of silence. However, as soon as the show started those nerves turned into confidence, and I was blown away by the quality of what they produced.

We had hundreds of colleagues tune in at our various Offices around the UK, and they too were proud of their colleagues. Afterwards, there was obviously a sense of relief, but also a huge sense of pride. This was clearly an ‘out of comfort zone’ experience, and one that represented both personal growth and teamwork.

Going forward we will be working with the team at Unity Radio to ensure that our Sharp Sales Academy cohorts all benefit from this unique experience, and I would highly recommend it for teams of any size that are looking for an adrenaline rush and to feel an immense sense of achievement.

Nick Rose, Sharp