Free Music Production Course in Manchester

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NCFE Level 1 Award in Music Technology

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Music Production



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Unity Radio, Media City UK


Tuesdays and Thursdays


10am – 4pm


Dinner provided


For anyone that’s new to music production and wants to know what it’s all about, this introduction to the industry will help you get a really good grounding in professional music production.

With a hands-on focus, you’ll explore all the basics of studio recording, including how to produce your own music, use audio editing software, record your own sounds for use in music production. You will create your own beats using industry standard software and also learn about the characteristics of sound.

Qualification Purpose

The purpose of this Music Technology Course is dual-pronged:

  • enable learners to progress to a level 2 music technology qualification
  • provide learners with an introduction to the knowledge and technical skills required in music technology.

Qualification objectives

The primary objectives of this qualification within our Music Technology Course aim to assist learners to:

  • Apply their knowledge of music technology in context, inclusive of specialized fields such as Rap Music Production and House Music Production.
  • Develop and use ICT, communication, project management, time management and team working skills.

Progression opportunities

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Music Technology
  • Level 2 Certificate in Radio
  • Level 1 Certificate in Performance Skills using Music

Level 2 Certificate in Performance Skills using Music


Use multi-track loop sequencing software

Know some of the key principles behind loop sequencing

Be able to produce music using loop sequencing

Sound effects in music production

Know about the role and nature of sound effects in audio production activity

Sound and music technology

Know about the characteristics of sound

Know about the effect of noise and equipment type on the sound recording process

Audio effects processors in music production

Be able to identify types of effects

Be able to connect an effects processor to other music production equipment

Be able to use an effects processor

How will I be assessed

There are no exams, all assessments are practical.


This is course is free for all who are eligible

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