The Logros Show

The Logros Show

In The Logros Show guests share advice on areas such as

How to become a successful entrepreneur, what does it mean to be an Entrepreneur,

Health and wellbeing
Why is health and wellbeing important, the importance of mental health in business

Coaching and Mentoring
The benefits of coaching and mentoring, what advice can you give to the youth.

The Logros show – Achieving Excellence in association with The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. broadcasts live from Ibiza on Unity Radio across the Greater Manchester Region on 92.8FM, DAB and around the World on

Every Tuesday afternoon from 1pm – 4pm GMT, Lee Dinsdale invites guests from the world of Entrepreneurs, Health and Wellbeing and Sport to share their stories of achieving excellence.

As part of The Making Ibiza series from 3pm-4pm Lee also talks to guests who live in Ibiza and work in business, culture and wellbeing. Each week Lee speaks with an International guest finding out how they are responsible for making Ibiza


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