Rooted In Rhyme

Talent MGMT & Entertainment Services in partnership with UnityRadioFM

Rooted In Rhyme

Based in MediaCityUK, our story began with Unity Radio which has a 20-year history, having started life as a pirate radio station. It attracts approximately 30,000 listeners per week in Greater Manchester on 92.8FM, DAB and online – and its New Talent Academy is helping young people aged 15-18 who want to get into the industry. 

Being a grass root’s radio station mean’s, we are active in keeping on the pulse of a constantly changing industry, we have constant involvement in the ever-growing Manchester music scene, closely supporting the next up emerging talent providing opportunity to further their success over the years. 

We have longevity industry relationships which our roster will and have been accessing to help progression. Our resource of being a radio station offer’s unique opportunity’s, such as radio playlisting on Unity Radio FM and supporting stations. 

Our team consists of a wide range of experienced individuals with strengths in their own capacities resulting in a fountain of knowledge to be used and accessed by the roster.  

Rooted In Rhyme allow the artist to focus on the creative aspect of their talent’s by assisting with distribution, network, promotion and social media. We feel this allows capacity for the artist to be able to create their finest composition’s. 

Our objective and focus within our creatively driven diverse company are to develop long-term, global careers for our artists whilst producing high-value, high-quality music compositions within the Hip Hop, Grime, House and Drum & Bass Genre’s. 

Our high-value, high-quality music will help achieve marketing, advertisement and business opportunities for our roster. We aim to nurture growing talents and also develop and build on existing ones. 

Rooted in Rhymes primary target audience age range is 15-40 nationally across the UK, embracing all cultures and creeds.  


At Rooted in Rhyme, we work with our talents to achieve win-win situations and work together to create the best path for you to take. As a label we value integrity, honesty, discipline, community and commitment and we expect that to be reciprocated.