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Tobi Sunmola & Ralph the stage talk about their new music and release ‘Casino Royale” with Retro Neek.

Karmin Samani speaks to Lee Dinsdale about how he left his job to create his own successful cleaning business.

Cotton On MCR joins the Breakfast Show to talk about Manchester’s art scene!!

Slowpo is joined by Sneaker 63, Manchester’s first consignment store for rare sneakers, clothes and accessories!

Jake Rees talks to Retro Neek about he’s three bangers that will be dropping soon

Professional boxer Stacey Copeland speaks to Lee on the LOGROS Show!!

Lee Dinsdale speaks with Body Composition expert Steve Chambers from UP Fitness

David Vincent, With The LOGROS Show (Lee Dinsdale), Int, #UnityRadioDayz, [2019 12 05]

kinkai chats to retro neek about he’s songs influencing the ladies and also shares he’s new song with ksr ‘flex with me’

The Logros show with Lee Dinsdale and Chris Fletcher from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

The Logros Show with Lee Dinsdale and Christop Spiessens (Published Author, Ikigai Coach and Speaker on Spirituality)

Tobi Sunmola speaks with Ali Karim about new single, ‘Casino Royale’ his musical journey and moving to Manchester from Nigeria at 17

Marshall Jefferson chats with Versus about his timeless classics, new collaborations and living in Manchester

S4nti chats with Retro Neek about he’s fire new track “memories”

Manchester Rap Radio | UNITY RADIO

Kristina McGuirk & Jamie Barr speak with The Logros Show, about personal branding & what makes a great website

Sangy & HMD chat with Retro Neek about their brand new ‘Undercover’ EP

Manchester Rap Radio | UNITY RADIO

The Logos show (Lee Hinsdale), with Kristina Mcguirk and Jamie Barr.

Nate & DD speak to Retro Neek about new music, being on stage and freestyling

David Rey chats new music and how he switched careers after graduating with an engineering degree to Music.

Blind Mic speaks new album ‘Love & Retribution’ and how he used to sneak into neighbouring schools to use their music equipment

LayFullstop spoke to Retro Neek about her new fire ‘Cherries EP’ the ‘Colour Reaction’ album!

SweepyDee tells Retro Neek about his new music and how it felt to move to the UK from Holland.

Mennis chats to Retro Neek about the Manchester Grime scene and how music put him on the right path.

Colours & Creeds joined Retro Neek to chat about their Arts and Music events, and the reason they started the project.