About Unity Radio

About Unity Radio 


Unity Radio is an independent multi-platform influencing its target audience of 15-40 yrs underpinned with creative activities to improve well-being amongst young people broadcasting across the Manchester region on 92.8 FM, DAB, and around the world via www.unityradio.fm and smartphones.

Unity Radio has been broadcast on FM since 2010 and has a history of reaching into communities with engaging outreach work, helping young people in the community and creating a solid foundation of local support across the region. Unity Radio’s unique and innovative programming broadcasting a range of local, national and international dance and urban music artists reflects its audience’s tastes, interests and popular trends.

With the Unity Radio app you get the station you already enjoy, and so much more. You get a rich beautiful listening experience, complete with access to WIN and EarlyBirdz.

Listening to UNITY RADIO via the Internet couldn’t be easier. You can listen to it in your web browser by clicking on the Listen button at the top right of the page.

The UK Radioplayer will pop-up in a new window and start playing automatically. We are proud to be a working with MRA Digital to deliver both web and app platforms.

Find this frequency to listen – 92.8 FM